During the period 1988 to 1993 Garret was the Shire Planner for Cabonne Shire, surrounding Orange in central western NSW. He effected a major review and drafting of most planning instruments for Council over that period, including the new comprehensive LEP1991, Contribution Plans for recreational facilities and rural roads and Development Control Plans for Rural Small Holdings and Industrial lands.

Many of these plans are still current today and copies can be viewed on the Cabonne Council web site:
During that time Garret also oversaw the assessment of all development applications including projects such as mines, cattle feedlots and land subdivision.

From 1993 until 2007 Garret was the chief planning officer for Bega Valley Shire Council. He was also one of the four person senior management team responsible for the overall management of Council for the period 1999 to 2007.

Projects managed by Garret included all town planning, both strategic and development control.

Strategic plans are presented on Council's web site:
Many of the plans and strategies prepared by Garret are still current.

Major projects included the comprehensive LEP 2002, preparation of Council's suites of Contribution Plans, Development Control Plans and planning input to Developer Servicing Plans for Water and Sewerage.

Garret oversaw the assessment of many thousands of development applications ranging from designated developments such as gravel quarries, to Part 3A Council inputs for major resorts and subdivisions, including all types of residential, multi unit housing and commercial development. Garret exercised wide delegations from Council for determination of DAs.

Garret also managed Council's Reserve Planning, Environmental Services, Tourism and Economic Development functions between 1999 and 2007.

In April 2007, Garret left Council to form Garret Barry Planning Services (GBPS).

Some projects recently completed by GBPS:

Between 2007 and April 2009 GBPS effected most of Council's Strategic Planning program under contract - in particular, preparation of the first draft of Council's new Comprehensive LEP (2010) and DCP (2011). As such Garret has a thorough current working knowledge of the State LEP template and current plan making requirements.

  1. In 2008, GBPS assisted Eurobodalla Shire Council with the preparation of a new DCP for the Moruya Town Centre.
  2. In 2008, GBPS partnered with Environmental and Cultural Services to input to the Eurobodalla Shire Aboriginal Cultural Heritage project. GBPS role was to develop mechanisms for improved protection of Aboriginal heritage and consultation with the Aboriginal community on development and rezoning matters.
  3. In 2009, GBPS completed a business plan for the development options for vacant lands owned by the Tura Beach Country Club. The Business plan assessed the profitability of various development options and GBPS then prepared a rezoning report for the Club to enable implementation of the preferred development option. Council accepted most of the recommendations of the GBPS report and the matter is now progressing to gazettal.
  4. In 208/9, GBPS prepared a draft Plan of Management under the Local Government Act 1993 for a Council Public reserve south of Eden. The plan included proposals to allow Council to consider some private leasing in return for saving Council on maintenance costs.
  5. GBPS assisted Boydtown Pty Ltd near Eden with redevelopment investigations for an existing 540 site caravan park, including investigations for development of 4 plus star tourist accommodation.
  6. GBPS partnered with Australian Development Consultants to assess redevelopment options for the former BP fuel storage site at Snug Cove Eden.
  7. GBPS again partnered with Environmental and Cultural Services to assist with development protocol preparation for Bega Valley Shire as part of its Aboriginal Cultural heritage project.
  8. GBPS has prepared several rezoning submissions for land owners and has assisted in negotiations concerning those submissions with Council and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

    Some of the current projects being actioned by GBPS:
  1. GBPS continues to assist Bega Valley Shire Council in planning for the future of Merimbula Airport. This airport is at a critical juncture and a detailed strategy has been developed in close consultation with Councillors and Senior Staff. GBPS prepared the strategy and report to Council incorporating a detailed examination of the social, economic and environmental implications of expansion options and the planning processes necessary to progress options. An Australia wide review of regional airports was effected and reported.

    GBPS continues to assist Council as it now moves into the formal preparation of a Master Plan and Business Plan for the preferred development option.
  2. GBPS partnered with Worley Parsons to prepare an environmental impact statement for a sand mine at Boydtown. The EIS and associated development application are currently under assessment by Bega Valley Shire Council and the South East Joint Regional Planning Panel.
  3. GBPS are assisting the Merimbula Imlay Bowling Club with exploration of development options for its vacant lands adjoining the Club Sapphire complex in Merimbula CBD. This is a high value site with some retail and residential potential.

    A Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is being developed and implemented by Council, the Club and an adjoining developer to progress joint development actions relating to a new road and services.

    Investigations have included design for the new road, flood study, subdivision designs and socio/economic modeling of options for the Club senior management and Board.

    Currently development applications are being progressed to implement the provisions of the VPA and yield development opportunities for the Club.
  4. GBPS continues to assist a number of smaller developers with projects for rural and urban subdivision, multi unit housing, retail and industrial developments.