1. Town Planning Services to the private Sector

    • Prepare Development Applications, Statements of Environmental effect, Environmental impact statements.
    • Provide evaluation reports as to the development potential of property.
    • Negotiations and liaison with Councils, State authorities and specialist contractors.
    • Amendments and modifications to approvals.
    • Expert assistance with appeals to Land and Environment Court.
    • Rezoning applications and local environmental studies.
    • Concept master plans and applications for State or Regional Development.

2. Town Planning Services to Councils and State Departments

    • Strategic planning services-preparing new LEPs, DCPs, Contribution plans and guidelines.
    • DA assessment. Major project assessment.
    • Expert town planning assistance with appeals to Land and environment Court.
    • Council development projects.

3. Local Government Operations and Legislative Compliance

    • Assistance including, budgeting and research, for Community Strategic Plans, Resourcing Strategies and Operational Plans.
    • Organisational structure reviews.
    • Joint developments (public / private partnerships...etc)
    • Local Government land management.
    • Local Government Act Plans of Management.
    • State of Environmental reporting, Social Plans.

4. Land development advice – how owners and potential purchasers can get the most from property.

    • Assessments to estimate land subdivision potential
    • Assessments for rural dwellings
    • Assessments for multi-unit Housing, industrial and commercial development.

5. Environmental Planning.

Our services include coordinating and providing input to:

      • Environmental impact assessment
      • Public and private land development and management Plans
      • Bio-banking and environmental offsets
      • Improving energy performance of developments.

6. Cultural heritage planning

    • Strategic plans including plans for cultural and scenic landscapes
    • Community Land Plans of Management
    • Community consultation

7. Tourism Planning

Services include:

      • Development of regional and municipal tourism strategies
      • Master Plans to implement strategies and concepts
      • Environmental impact assessment of tourism development proposals
      • Feasibility assessment (environmental and financial)
      • Visitor monitoring
      • Site specific planning such as:
  1. Regional airport development
  2. Caravan/ tourist park development and redevelopment
  3. Restaurant and catering development plans and operational reviews

8. Plans of Management and Master Plans

 Our services focus on:

      • Individual and regional foreshore reserves
      • Landscape master plans
      • Community Consultation
      • Detailed site design and management.

9 Economic Development in local government

Our service specialises in:

      • economic development strategies
      • development of planning instruments incorporating viable economic development provisions
      • Land development assessment
      • Employment lands assessment

10. Community Consultation

GBPS personnel have had extensive experience in public consultation ranging from Shire wide planning scheme exhibitions to mediation or negotiation relating to specific development projects.